Saturday evening

Saturday night, I had no plans. Sat at home on the couch watching a movie. I get a text from a friend “Be ready in an hour, dressed sexy, without slip or bra!”.

Hmmm what does he have in mind… I did what I was asked. Shower, beautiful hair, beautiful make-up, nice shi r, short skirt and my sexy boots.

I was waiting at the door when he arrived. He said nothing, I got a nice wet French kiss and while he took my arms and tied them on my back with handcuffs. He put me in the car and put on a blindfold. Only from this I got a wet pussy …

After half an hour of driving we came to a stop. He whispered in my ear that I should move my seat back, my legs on the dashboard, and spread them. I did what I was asked to do. He took off the handcuffs … “And now play with yourself slut of mine.” He whispered horny in my ear.

My hands went over my breasts, wow my nipples reacted to this touch. Slowly down over my pussylips, I was trembling with excitement. How horny this felt, especially because I didn’t know where I was. He put a dildo in my hands and I had to play with it. It slipped very easily into my pussy so wet. “Fucking pussy slut and fingering your ass is what I want you to do now” was his comment. Very obediently that dildo went up and down my pussy and while I fingered my ass. My juices ran over my buttocks so horny.

Continuing to play and not coming was my assignment while he left the car. This was very exciting and exciting. My door opened. “Get out and slut on your knees” was his order. I did what I was asked to do. I got a nice cock in my mouth, first sucking his cock and then deep in my mouth to his balls. My hair was grabbed and my mouth was deeply fucked. Long bumps up to his balls. He continued like this. Wow what is that, I felt someone kneel behind my chest and grab my tits. My nipples were pulled hard while my mouth continued to be fucked.

The juice was dripping from my cunt, I felt a hand go to my cunt and I was fingered tight, while the fucking in my mouth got harder I got a delicious cumshot of nice warm cum in my mouth.

I was straightened and bent over….

More next week!

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