Sorry mom

Mother I don’t know what to do, ”Vera complained, while enjoying a cup of coffee in her mother’s house. “That was the third phone call from Laura’s school this month. This time it was her english teacher who said she didn’t do her homework. I talked to her about it and also how important a good education is, but she just won’t listen. ”

Vera complained to the wrong person if she was looking for sympathy. Gemma was old school, and soon informed her daughter. “Vera, you have to stop to be friends with the girls,” she warned. “Since Tom passed away five years ago, you have all three run over you, it’s time you started acting like their mother. Stand on your stripes. You can talk until you weigh an ounce, but what those girls need is old-fashioned discipline. Have you sometimes forgotten how you and your sister Janet were raised? ” A blushing Vera shook her head. No, the attractive widow had certainly not forgotten that. “You don’t mean that, Mother, so you think I should spank Laura?” “That’s exactly what I think,” said Gemma. “Pull down her pants and panties and warm up her buttocks with the brush. That has always worked well for you and your sister. You were a bunch of angels in the weeks after a beating. And don’t say now Laura is too old. I think I remember a certain twenty year old who had a big spanking collar when she came home at four in the morning. ” Vera blushed even more. “Don’t remind me”. she said. “Maybe you should be reminded of it,” Gemma continued. “As long as your daughters live in your house and you pay your bills, as long as you give the orders and orders, and that also applies to Barbara and Katja. I love my granddaughters dearly, but these are times when I prefer to give them a portion of spanking myself. Barbara is twenty-two, but she is much too grown-up, and Katja has too much freedom with her twenty years. You recently complained that her numbers went down. now a firm beating will put them both on the right and straight path. ” Her mother’s sermon slowly began to sink in with Vera. It reminded her of a similar discussion that had taken place about three weeks earlier. She had spoken to Irene de Bruin at a ladies club dinner they were both members of when she noticed how nice and neat Irene’s daughters were. The girls were eighteen and twenty years old. “Oh, they always are,” after I paint their bottoms a different color, “Irene replied casually. “They broke their curfew last night.” Vera asked for another cup of coffee. “Mom, do you still have that old brush, the one you punished us with?” Two minutes later she held the brush in her hand. Laura had no idea that she was the main subject of discussion at her grandmother’s house when she left the school grounds. She was aware of it, but what would it be that her English teacher had called home. “What will your mother say about it?” Asked her friend Jessica as they walked home together. “Oh, she’ll give me the regular sermon on getting good grades so I can go to college,” said the carefree eighteen-year-old. “Then I promise to do my homework from now on, and tomorrow everything will be forgotten.” Jessica sighed jealously, “Gosh, I wish my mom was a little more like yours, she would be talking more than alone, especially if one of my teachers called, I would probably be under house arrest for a month if I was lucky.” The two girls broke up when they were almost at Laura’s house, and with the promise that Jessica would call that evening, Laura continued. Thoughts of this weekend filled her head. However, it was only Wednesday, she was looking forward to the car wash, which was organized by the ladies club.