Sex adventure with Merel

Hi, my name is Linda, I am 19 years old and what I am telling you happened more than three months ago. Together with my friend blackbird 19 also we had booked a holiday to a nice warm country far away, Costa Rica. Once we got to our hotel, or actually our bungalow at the hotel, We first decided to explore a bit, Soon we ended up in the bar where it was pleasantly busy. It turned out that there were still some Dutch people, so we quickly felt at ease. When we went to our house after a while we both noticed that we had drunk a little too much, not really drunk but a bit tipsy. Arm in arm we walked home. Once inside, Merel giggled that she had seen quite a nice guy. Hey hello you just said I laugh you go on a hunt right now !!! ?? Do you have something better than she joked back. I had to blame her answer.

Well then I take a shower, she said. And started to undress in front of me. Now that is no problem, we have seen each other naked. Once naked, I gave her a good look and said: “it’s a good thing I’m not a guy, otherwise I would have caught you right away, you look really nice.” “Well not, although I would like to play with those nice breasts of yours,” I said as I got up and headed for her. Challenging she stopped in front of me and she said: “You don’t do that” oh no “I said and sucked one of her nipples in my mouth. I started massaging her tits with my hands. Hey crazy bitch called normal ff, but did not resist and let me go. Encouraged by that, and the drink, of course, I pushed her into the bedroom and onto the bed. While also undressing myself. Suddenly we were both naked on the bed. I heard her breathe heavier, she moaned softly. I looked at her and gently pressed my mouth to hers. She responded immediately by circling her tongue around mine. I ran my hand over her stomach and came to her wonderfully bald.

I felt it and what do you think the slut was soaking wet !!!!. Horny slut tank I said you’re soaking wet !!! Don’t talk, she said, I’m horny yes. She stroked my breasts and dropped one hand to my now-soaking wet slit. A shiver ran through me when she touched my clit Mmmmmm I sighed. Merel also started to moan louder and louder. Ohh Linda do you want to eat me she asked. I had never sexed with a woman before but understood where I needed to be and what was required of me. If you lick me too I said and lay down in position 69 above her. Greedily licked and sucked on my clit I thought I was completely crazy. I licked and chatted her clit and felt her horny juice pouring out of her pussy. Merel licked and sucked and ok I leaked my horny juice from my pussy.

Potselin she put two fingers in my sopping pussy Ahhhhh I moaned Let me come horny bitch I gasped and pumped my finger into her sopping slit. Yes, lick me ready. Blackbird gasped. I felt my body freeze and just a little while later I came screaming and shocking loudly. I struggled to eat and finger Merel but kept it up and a little later she came delicious I licked them all the pussy juice from her nice pussy and then gave her a nice French kiss so that our juices mixed together. You don’t need a breath for that, Merel gasped. Close together we fell asleep tired but satisfied. When I woke up the next morning I felt a tingling in my stomach. Merel was playing softly with my pussy. Good morning darling she said and gave me a lovely kiss. You will understand that we often meet each other during that holiday. But not only on vacation though. Once at home, we just continued with that. Sometimes together sometimes with some nice guys. They thought it was a bit horny when we were horny together.