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Miss Beaumont – Manchester Mistress – Business Executive 

If you have found yourself contemplating any of the following, then you are in the right place and my services will be invaluable to you…

index“I’d love to explore the sub-missive side of me and experience what it feels like to be in the presence of a Mistress… but I don’t fancy the dungeon set up”

“I keep having fantasies about being dominated by a powerful, female business woman.. the power suit… the heels…”

“I am turned on by the thought of being controlled by a beautiful woman and want to explore my role play ideas without it going to far”

“Being teased and chastised (I think I am a naughty boy) is a real turn on for me, I’d love a real super-bitch to put me in my place…somebody who understands what I want though…”


For too long now, the Manchester Mistress scene has overlooked a gap in the market. If you thought that giving yourself over to a Mistress was like selling your soul to the devil, then think again. Miss Beaumont occupies a unique position amongst the wealth of Femme Dom experts currently working. Whereas they explicitly illustrate their dedication to pain and torture, Miss Beaumont is simply an intoxicating mix of glamour, feminine beauty, sophistication, power and corporate control.

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